Today was even hotter than the last, and the guests hurried to the entrance of the deep end pool at The Riviera in order to reach the desert oasis. Upon arriving, there were clear signs of revival. The patio misters provided a sense of relief from the sweltering heat, and the beach umbrellas were a welcome site. As M.I.A.’s Bad Girls boomed over the speakers, the throng of people coming through the gate grew thicker and thicker, and the endless Fat Tire and Shift beer helped to keep everyone cool from the second they set foot in the bash.

About halfway through the afternoon, Haim played a live show, and the multitudes listened and luxuriated while floating in the sunny natatorium, munching on a burger, caressing a friendly pink flamingo at Milk’s photo booth, or playing a game of cornhole with the VW crew. Whether taking part in one of the many dance parties that were constantly breaking out or cooling your heels in the kiddie pools packed with water balloons, this party was the place to be for the second day in a row.

— Erin Kelleher

Photos by: Jessie Adler and Chris Swainston

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