Love For Eternity

Tonight Terence Koh made a peaceful departure in his opening performance of nothingtoodoo. As I approached Mary Boone Gallery I prepared for the mob – expecting the PBR-coated scene I remembered from my last visit to Asia Song Society. To my pleasant surprise the atmosphere Koh created was quite the opposite – a serene environment focused on a crystalline cone in the center of the space. Barefoot and silent, the artist made his way around this structure in a slow kneeling movement. Receding into the mellow crowd of fellow artists and gallery go-ers, the spirit of peace, non-violence and love for eternity from Koh’s pre-opening letter came into view.

  • Jordan Robin

(photo and video: Jordan Robin)

This exhibition is on view until March 19th

Mary Boone Gallery is located at 541 West 24th Street

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