The Blogger Files: White Girl Problems

Spotlighting some of our favorite names from the fashion blogosphere and their insider take on New York Fashion Week. Here, we feature Babe Walker, the voice behind White Girl Problems.

AGE: 25

FROM: Bel Air, CA


FAVORITE FASHION WEEK MEMORY: Courtney Love holding back my hair while I puked from joy after a Proenza Schouler S/S ‘10.

MOST EMBARRASSING FASHION WEEK MEMORY: Let’s just say it involves one Anna Wintour, one fart and zero apologies.

FASHION WEEK SURVIVAL TIP: Drink four gallons of water a day.

BEST FASHION WEEK HANGOVER CURE: Alka Seltzer and celery juice with a squeeze of lime and a raw egg. Also sleeping for 177 hours.

FASHION WEEK ACCESSORY DU JOUR: The Prada Steffano Leather clutches from S/S ‘12

IDEAL NYFW PARTY SCENARIO: Ryan Gosling, James Franco, and Mario Batali co-host a soiree in my honor, that involves a “models-only” guest list. Everyone tells me how great my hair looks all night while pouring me glass after glass of champagne.

NY RESTAURANT: Organic Avenue – Try the “green coco”. You will die from being reborn.

FAVORITE NY WATERING HOLE: Rume: a top secret space underneath Le Baron. Members only. Get there early because it only fits three people.

FAVORITE SHOPPING HAUNT: Barneys, duh. Or Celine.

WORST THING ABOUT NY DURING FASHION WEEK: Fat people don’t blend in as easily.

FAVORITE NYFW SNACK ON THE GO: In the winter, cold air. In the spring, warm air.

NY NEIGHBORHOOD WITH THE BEST STREET STYLE: Hoboken . . . . JK, I don’t even know what a Hoboken actually is. Meatpacking.

TOP THREE INDUSTRY INFLUENCERS: Skyler Morrison Berman, Bob Marley and Marc Jacobs.

MOST ANTICIPATED SHOW AT MADE FASHION WEEK THIS SEASON: Nahm. It’s feminine, masculine, and Hunger Games-y.

WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW: Nothing. I prefer answering questionnaires in the nude.

FAVORITE ONE-LINER: You look like you could use a nap.

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