Empire of the Suno

If you ever had doubts that Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty are destined for superstardom, their latest presentation will almost instantly silence any critics. Buyers like Ikram Goldman and Webster’s Laure Hariard-Dubreuil and Frederic Dechnik were beside themselves — and for a good reason.

"This morning we did our usual show ritual," said Osterweis. "We had a nice lunch with friends to calm the nerves and deal with the nerves."

What nerves? They are normally some of the most organized designers in the world, finishing their collections well ahead of the pace.

"We were a little nervous about this one," added Osterweis. "But we’re thinking of the powerful, confident women around the world that are not afraid to mix their glamorous experiences with a little touch of craziness."

And is another trip to Africa in the works?

"No, we’re going to LA next," said the designers. "That’s probably not so exotic."

–Valentine Uhovski

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