The Blogger Files: Mr. Danger

Spotlighting some of our favorite names from the fashion blogosphere and their insider take on New York Fashion Week. Here, we feature Alex Maier, the blogger behind Mr. Danger.

AGE: Let’s say between 18-35.

FROM: From Chicago, living in Brooklyn.

BEST FASHION WEEK ADVICE YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED: “Alex, stop looking at yourself in the mirror.”

FAVORITE FASHION WEEK MEMORY: Since this is my first fashion week I am drawing from a shallow pool.

MOST EMBARRASSING FASHION WEEK MEMORY: It’s tough to say because I embarrass myself so often. Right now, it’s a tie between having food in my teeth and giving Nicola Formichetti the worst handshake of all time.

BEST FASHION WEEK SURVIVAL TIP: Wear comfortable shoes and try not to sweat.

BEST FASHION WEEK HANGOVER CURE: A cinnamon raisin bagel with chive-cream cheese dipped into coffee then chased with a gin martini.

FASHION WEEK ACCESSORY DU JOUR: iPhone chargers are so hot right now. I use mine all the time.

IDEAL NYFW PARTY SCENARIO: I walk into Red Egg fashionably late. Daft Punk is spinning one of my songs. I walk past Lebron James and he throws me a “sup” nod. I smile and nod back.

Across the club, Jenna Lyons waves at me, I wave back and blow her a kiss. Her entourage screams with laughter.

I’m still walking across the floor as Jay-Z pulls me aside, saying something about starting a collaboration on street-inspired tailored menswear, something or other…

I smile as Michael Bastian pours me a glass of Vouvray. I nod to Hova and put my hand on his shoulder. “Have your people call my people.” He smiles and says, “You got 99 problems but collabs ain’t one.”

I laugh politely as I walk up to the DJ booth and thank everyone for coming.

I ask the crowd to give Daft Punk a round of applause for their performance.

I wave to everyone as I power-up my jet pack and fly through the ceiling.

(end scene)

FAVORITE NY RESTAURANT: So far? Hmm. I’ve only been here 11 months so my list is pretty short, but Schillers is pretty damn good. Also I dig Cafeteria, but I will always make time for Shake Shack’s double Shackburger dipped into a peanut butter shake. Yes. I do that. Tell your friends.

FAVORITE NY WATERING HOLE: I have gotten pretty damned drunk at Aquagrill in Soho, but that’s because I used to work there as a service bartender. So they would never kick me out, but as a back up bar I like Marshall Stack on Rivington. Great beers, and awesome service.

FAVORITE SHOPPING HAUNT: I lurk really hard on the sale racks at Club Monaco and J.Crew. But the best place to shop is in the safety of my panic room in my glorious Upper East Side mansion. Only online shopping for a agoraphobic like me.

WORST THING ABOUT NY DURING FASHION WEEK: I still get lost and still take the wrong trains.

I guess that’s not exclusive to fashion week, and it’s more about me than NYC. I’m kind of self-centered like that.

FAVORITE NYFW SNACK ON THE GO: Cliff Bars. No joke. Good protein, cheap, and in an abundance of flavors…(looks around) actually I try not to eat during fashion week. I want to look good on camera. Also I’m suffering because the models are suffering. NO PEACE, NO JUSTICE.

NY NEIGHBORHOOD WITH THE BEST STREET STYLE: SoHo or any stop along the L line. All skinny people. They must do Pilates or something or hot yoga, it’s really popular right now.

TOP THREE INDUSTRY INFLUENCERS: The Internet, Target, and cotton prices.

WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW: Levi’s commuter jacket, Rugby contrast collar striped oxford, Levi’s sta-prest pants, Frye longwings.

FAVORITE ONE LINER: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull.” — W.C. Fields

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