London Fashion Week: Burberry

I have always seen Burberry as a pristinely polished presence in the fashion industry. Maybe it’s because they’re British? Their perfectly put together trench coats suggest the company has a high degree of refinement from the bottom up, with modern takes on traditional styles that never disappoint.

After attending the Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2012 show, my preconceived impression has not only been confirmed but even heightened.

Walking up to a giant clear greenhouse styled structure on the lawns across from Royal Albert Hall was a vision of organization and luxury. Groomed men in Burberry coats showed tastemakers to their seats. The large space was filled to the brim with beautiful people eager to see what trend-setting designs Christopher Bailey planned to send down the runway.

After watching fifty-six glistening different looks stream down the runway, no one was left disappointed.

An array of slouchy flared and shrunken shapes kept the traditional fabrics feeling fresh and young. Peplum shapes stood out in flared form, and interestingly puffed out dimensional pockets made the looks refined in a playful way.

When the last girl headed backstage, we expected the customary final walk. Instead, the audience was taken off guard as a Burberry rainstorm thundered throughout the tent, complete with eye-catching flashes of synthetic lightning. The indoor rainstorm of fluttering glitter gave cause for the models to walk out holding designer umbrellas, with studded gloves to match their studded handles.

It was magical.

Photos by Amanda Hakan

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