MILK WINS Tonsil Hockey

The Standard's Joey Jalleo freaks out as Milk steals his glory
The final score? Milk Wins.
Randy Fassold's clutch goal in the third period kept Money Click in the game
Team captain Mazdack Rassi rushes up the ice before scoring the game winning goal in overtime
Theophilius London moved the packed crowd with his emotional rendition of the National Anthem
When asked the secret to their success, assistant coach Lazarte replied, "It's the booze."
The hooligans with hearts of gold
Alice Barlow dressed to impress
Theophilius London's freestyle rap about Money Click was an anthemic soundtrack for the win
NHL legend Sean Avery proudly looks on as his team pulls off the upset
"It's the journey, not the destination," reflected Adam “The Blind Barber” Kirsch
Jenne epitomized the Ja Rule-esque ethos of Money Click
Keith knows hockey
Both teams agreed to leave all the bad blood on the ice
The post-game riot reverberated throughout the streets of Manhattan
The sweet taste of success!

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.

Milk’s $Money Click$ ice hockey team pulled off a stunning come-from-behind victory in dramatic fashion Thursday night, ending their Cinderella story with a decisive 4-3 win over their rivals One Night Standards.

Mazdack Rassi’s game-winning goal in overtime brought the coveted Chamberlain Cup back to Milk Studios, electrifying the raucous Money Click legion and leaving the heavily favored Standard Hotel shocked in their skates.

The ragtag bunch of misfits and a New York Ranger, the most unlikely of heroes, pulled together when it mattered the most. Money Click’s meteoric rise was characterized by gutsy team play and determination, surpassing early expectations of a Standard blowout and delighting the sports world with a storyline made for a movie.

Money Click’s Adam “The Blind Barber” Kirsch cut through the Standards defenses early, netting a top shelf goal two minutes into the first period. The One Night Standard countered with a scoring spree, tallying three goals in the second period and taking control of the game. Two goals from the Standard’s “Boom Boom” Robert Rambochai’s one from Johnny Goepel looked to be enough to end Money Click’s fairly tale run, but they were unable to maintain their lead for long.

A costly third period blunder resulted in a late goal from Randy Fassold, pushing the game into overtime and giving the underdogs a chance to capitalize on the Standard’s sloppy play. Alex Perwa’s incessant fore-checking forced a Standard turnover deep in their territory, and Rassi’s dazzling triple deke resulted in the game winning goal.

Aaron “The Butcher” Voros provided a strong defensive performance on the blue line and Greg “The Butcher” Minning’s goal and two assists were crucial for the win.

The game was marred by bad blood stemming from an unwarranted high check against Money Click’s Markus Mamoser, who left the game with concussion related symptoms. Milk’s bionic man Michael Abouzelof retaliated with his second fight of the game, getting ejected in the third period and leaving the team shorthanded for the rest of the match. But despite the setbacks, Money Click refused to go down, digging away at the Standard’s lead and giving Rassi the opportunity to propel the team to victory.

“We kicked their ass!” said Kalvin Lazarte, Money Click’s assistant coach.

“Totally,” added longtime fan Spencer Wholrab.

Reveling in glory, the Money Click posse stormed the ice to celebrate with their team, taking turns drinking champagne out of the Holy Grail and hugging their heroes. The cobblestone streets of the Meatpacking District will be celebrating for seasons to come.

Photos by Billy Farrell/BFAnyc, and Steven Stone

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