"Modified" by Andrew Boyle

Have you ever wondered how a photographer manages to come up with a distinct collection of images? Obviously more goes into it than simply clicking the trigger. Beyond a small army of stylists and assistants, there is a fluid directional quality every photographer must exude as they shoot, ultimately allowing them to craft raw snapshots into a discernible collection. MGU Photographer Andrew Boyle provided us with a few insights into how he managed to come up with his new series, “Modified.”

Andrew Boyle: “Modified’ took shape with a totally different concept in mind. As the shoot progressed, the images began taking on robotic and superficial elements, with the girls being directed to appear more cold and rigid, defining the cuts and shapes of the garments. The use of sterile colors and different set elements definitely added to the flavor.

It all came together while struggling for a name to fit the images. Amon Tobin’s album ”Supermodified” was playing in the background, and it basically spelled it out for me. The album is a master of sampling and music that sounds like mutating machinery, and it basically spelled it out for me. After taking off the ‘Super’ prefix (couldn’t rip him off too much), I was left with ‘Modified.’ I liked it because it suggested that there was a possibility that girls were not human but merely mechanical instruments.”

Look 1: Katie Gallagher jacket and leather shorts. Daniel Espinosa earrings

Look 2: Katie Gallagher vest. Jill Platner and Joomi Lim necklaces. Joomi Lim bracelets and cuffs.

Look 3: Kevork Kiledjian dress. Topshop shoes. Joomi Lim and Jill Platner necklaces. Joomi Lim bracelets. Lanvin gloves.

Look 4: Kevork Kiledjian dress. Topshop shoes. Joomi Lim bracelets

Look 5: CH Carolina Herrera jacket. Katie Gallagher shirt. TopShop shorts and shoes. Joomi Lim bracelets.

Look 6: CH Carolina Herrera jacket. Jean Paul Gaultier body suit. Lanvin gloves. Jill Platner necklace. TopShop sunglasses.

*Looks 6 & 7: (Left) Cushnie Et Ochs dress. Kevork Kiledjian jacket. TopShop shoes.
(Right): Kevork Kiledjian jacket. Cushnie Et Ochs bra. Alexander Wang leather shorts. Joomi Lim cuffs. Topshop shoes.

Photographed by Andrew Boyle
Styled by Susan Alexandra
Makeup by Colleen Rune using M.A.C Cosmetics
Hair by Charlie Taylor
Photo Assistant: Kaia Marie Balcos
Sara Fratczak & Magdalena Fiolka at New York Models

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