Balarama Heller's FASHION WEEK

Photographer Balarama Heller is in a realm all his own. By using modern technology to alter his shots in post-production, Heller manages to expose a world not how it is but how it could be. He playfully employs a variety of techniques that result in stunning initial perceptions, and at the same time is able to keep the eye lingering on his artistic trompe l’oeil. His double exposures are intriguingly layered, and his use of shadows and darkness force the colors to pop, often bringing worthwhile details to the forefront.

This collection represents MADE Fashion Week as seen through the eyes of an indomitable artist. Through this work, Heller has successfully blurred reality into a compelling new vision. Milk Made is happy to have the opportunity to display this new imaginative series from an up-and-coming photographer.

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