Paris Fashion Week: Elie Saab

Sometimes it’s best to save the best for last. Such was the case for our Paris Fashion Week team, who had the opportunity to attend Elle Saab’s Fall/Winter 2012 runway presentation, their final show of the season.

The collection was strong, sophisticated and extremely wearable. Each piece was well fitted to the model, and the tasteful designs made each and every piece compelling. Fur has been a constant fabric throughout this year’s fashion week, and Saab’s presentation proved no exception, choosing an almost feathery fur that moved most elegantly on the models. Occasionally the dresses would use flowing fabrics draped over the shoulders, and when they flowed, they flowed. Saab’s high waistlines were complimented through the use of thin belts, though the accessory of choice appeared to be small clutch purses.

The models seemed to take their time walking down the runway, moving at a slower pace to allow the eyes to linger on the outfits for longer. The soundtrack mirrored the clothing, with music shifting alongside changes in the look of the outfits being displayed. It was an extremely well orchestrated and impressive presentation, and the perfect end to our Paris Fashion Week.

Mike Abu

–Photos by Amanda Hakan

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