Posen V. Purple

You know what it’s like when the crowd storms the football field after their team wins? Well that was kind of what it was like at The Boom/Le Bain last night when Zac Posen and Purple Magazine hosted one helluva party on Saturday night.

It started off comme toujours with a lovely steady crew coming through the doors. Look there is Costello Tagliapietra! Hi Zac! Look at all those glittering girls. Zac’s ladies know how to dress.

Then it began, the heaving, throbbing crowds poured in like animals into the ark. At one point on my way to the bathroom I was crammed so close to Waris that my nose was embedded in his shoulder. Sorry Boo!

But regardless, once one made their way into Le Bain where the crowd wasn’t quite as intense and the music was dreamy and the lights on the Hudson were sparkling, life never seemed so good.

Oh and did I mention the open bar from 11-1am? Score! Thanks Belvedere.

Best quote from the evening:

British Girl: Darling, do you know anyone here?
American Girl: No. Oh wait, there’s my intern. I swear he gets into more parties than I do!

Well done, intern.

-Cator Sparks

Photos Courtesy of BFA

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