Seapunk? Pfffftttt. The Tijuana Panthers are SeaDRUNK. So listen. I like to drink and all, but these guys for sure make me feel like it’s amateur-hour over here. Their perfect blend of old-school-surf-jams and down-and-dirty-rock kind of remind me of drinking in a beachside dive bar on a perfect summer day with all of my best friends.

With that said, did you know that TP’s drummer Phil Shaheen is a high-school art teacher? Woah bro! I totally would have dressed up in my best Iron Maiden t-shirt and shortest skirt every day if he were my teacher. And you know, actually shown up for the bird-course that is known as art class (no offense Phil). Bassist Chad Wachtel’s pops was the manager for famous 60’s surf bands such as The Rendezvous, so you know he was (theoretically) a total bad-ass and would have skipped Phil’s class with me. As for guitar player Daniel Michicoff? He’s just rad.Totes still wanna do shots with him (call me Dan!).

We got to catch up with the Panthers (no Tim Riggins) before they play the beast that is [Coachella]( and ask them some of the most pressing questions of life.

Milk Made: If your hometown had a theme song, what would it be?

Tijuana Panthers: One of Warren G’s bangers

MM: Which Black Flag singer was your all time favorite? If you don’t know, get out of my face.

TP: Keith Morris

MM: Describe your album using only food words:

TP: Taco Bell – Doritos Taco

MM: What’s your #1 festival fashion boner killer?

TP: I don’t care

MM: What’s the last song you want to hear before you die?

TP: Our close friend Nate always says he wants Deans Dream by the Dead Milkmen to be played at his wake. I think I might steal that one, hope I die first.

MM: Madison Square Garden will pay you a million bucks to headline but only if you appear on one of the following reality shows:
a Dancing With The Stars
b The Bachelor
c Cupcake Wars
d Khloe and Lamar
e Dr Oz (you’re the house band)

TP: c Cupcake Wars

MM: You woke up in jail. What did you do?

TP: You know those do not remove labels on matresses, well I cut one of them off. I gotta real bad temper

MM: What is your favorite fast food to eat on tour?

TP: We eat fresh. Subway all day.

The latest album from this adorable little bad-ass trio, “Max Baker”, is available now on iTunes. SeaDRUNKs unite!

Photos by Michael Stonis

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