Coachella: Art Installation

This year at Coachella, a main spot for people to gather and drink the festival’s crazy expensive booze (or those who found ways to sneak in their own in a variety of clandestine ways, having to foil security at two or sometimes three checkpoints) or smoke cigarettes and joints at a place not completely of the way, but also not in the eye of the wandering police and security (though there was a wandering narc present, handing out offers for drugs and handcuffing a slew of gullible youths) was the art installation, located between the Mojave and Gobi stages. 

The main component of the structure was a platform that rose high into the air, from which dangled hundreds of lightbulbs, cans, and lids, all hung from thin wires. Walking under the structure, one could look up and see the variety of metallic objects banging and clanking against each other in the heavy wind, and the resulting sound reverberated back and forth across the surrounding area. This particular spot seemed to be particularly popular amongst the hippie-ravers who enjoyed laying down in the center and writhing around on the grass while staring up dazedly into the mesh of banging metal. Eight smaller structures surrounded the centerpiece, each having a similar setup with the metal objects dangling from above, though four of the structures had a sort of roof, thus allowing for the congregation of people trying to keep out of the wind and rain. Being located directly between two stages and what with the deafening banging and clanging as a result the heavy wind, it was rather overwhelming to hang around there for more than a few minutes, but it was definitely an interesting installation that provided a brief shelter from the storm, and a good place to bum cigarettes and talk about the lineup over a $12 beer.

–Erin Kelleher

Photos by: Chris Swainston

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