Big green letters animate across the main stage screen: “Is This A Hoax?” “Do you remember the first time?”

Backlit, the amazingly charismatic Jarvis Cocker takes the stage and in dramatically choreographed gestures ignites the huge pink letters P-U-L-P behind him. The recently reunited Brit Pop band open with “Do You Remember the First Time?” their classic tune on virginity loss from ’94.

Jarvis is in fine form, whirling around, mounting the monitors, throwing little candies at the crowd. He’s aged incredibly and in his modern look of beard and glasses resembles the Pina Colada loving Rupert Holmes

Like a professorial Jim Morrison he asks the desert crowd if they’d like to join him in trying to break into the 4th Dimension before the band break into the timeless “Babies.” They eventually burn it down with their signature anthem ‘Common People’ a song so widespread that I once saw a 40 year old Mexican prostitute passionately sing it during living room karaoke in a Vietnam Vet’s apartment in New Orleans. True story. Everybody loves that song.

Photos by Chad Crews

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