Party Central: Puma Pool Party

Our friends at PUMA and FAM_NYC partnered up with Bullett Magazine and Gibson to throw a party at the Caliente Tropics Hotel in Palm Springs, a place that instantly induces thoughts of a high-budget 70s porno set (think Boogie Nights). Though it was a little cool, the sun was bright and the wind from the prior day had all but ceased, and the pool and hot tub sparkled in a beckoning kind of way. Numerous members of the Milk Made team rolled up in a party bus and disembarked poolside near the DJ booth, then quickly spread out to claim the sunniest pool chairs and the best spots on the grass near the band setup, separated from the DJ by a line of towering palm trees.

As the afternoon progressed, we drank cocktails and kicked off our shoes (courtesy of PUMA) so we could dip our toes in the pool. Some dozed on lounge chairs, others headed for the PUMA photo booth, and others still wandered the hotel to bask in the aforementioned porno vibe. At the end of the day, most of us were thoroughly wetted (both from the pool and from the vodka), and we piled back into the party bus to be carted back to our hotel to powder our noses and recoup in preparation of the events to come later in the evening.

For those who are interested in free booze and shoes, come to the Caliente Tropics Hotel between noon and seven on Sunday the 15th.

Photos by Jessie Adler and [Tyler Nevitt](

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