Coachella: Bon Iver

Having a wide-ranging lineup at Coachella means festival-goers are exposed to a bunch of different styles of music, from rock bands, electro-pop DJs to gansta rap. One of the most heartfelt shows was provided by Bon Iver, whose set list of strong, emotionally driven songs captured the crowds attention. Most people hear the name Bon Iver and assume it’s all based around one singer, but his large ensemble provided percussive drumbeats over soft yet powerful vocal harmonies that explore all octaves, making their sound extremely round and engaging.

Bon Iver writes songs that tell stories that are both fresh and nostalgic. They incorporate a feeling of intimacy that hypnotizes the crowd, and everyone within earshot couldn’t help but pay attention. Lead singer Justin Vernon almost sounds like he’s crying when he’s singing, making his voice streaming over his folk guitar riffs come off particularly expressive.

Photos by Charlie Bucket and Mike Bogart

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