Coachella: Day 2

The weather at Coachella was warmer today, and the overall air of the festival seemed a little more relaxed. The crowds were getting into the swing of things, and the chaos of the first day had nearly dissolved. People strolled between various performances, laying out blankets and relaxing while listening to the likes of The Shins, Bon Iver, Feist and Miike Snow, to name a few. Radiohead was clearly the highlight of the day’s lineup, and the anticipation for their performance was present throughout the day and evening. Perhaps it was that everyone was exhausted from partying until the wee hours in their various camps and hotels and attempting to see every band in the lineup from dawn until dusk on the first day, but the mood of day two was much less frenetic than the first.

The food was expensive, but there was a large variety to choose from, and it was nice to wander around while munching on a tempeh garden wrap from one of the vegetarian kiosks while checking out the happenings in different areas of the park. From the stage where the heavy bass never ceases and the ravers flock to roll around on the grass to the secret fully-functioning bars requiring passwords to get in, there was never a shortage of things to do at Coachella on day two.

— Erin Kelleher

Photos by: Charlie Bucket, Chris Swainston, Erik Craig, Jessie Adler, and Tyler Nevitt

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