Coachella: Beirut

It was refreshing to see an act at Coachella that relied solely on their musical talent rather than being mostly carried by visuals and scintillating lights. As singer Zachary Condon strummed the ukelele, he sincerely sang into the microphone while the rest of the band calmly and contently played along on the accordion, drums, trombone, and french horn.

Though Beirut can be categorized as “indie rock,” the group is far more than just that. Whilst listening, one feels as if they have been transported to Russia or Eastern Europe in the early twentieth century, and it’s easy to drift in and out of reveries of a distant past or of places one longs to travel to. It was also welcoming to hear that Condon’s voice and the rest of the instrumentals were very similar to the way they sound on their albums, yet still possessed a hint of the distinctions that come with live performances. Whether seeing their act on a small stage in a tiny town or on the big Mojave platform at Coachella, this band never ceases to disappoint.

–Erin Kelleher

Photos by: Tyler Nevitt and Erik Craig

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