Coachella: Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

Twenty years & so many classics. Holy epic shit…. Dre and Snoop at Coachella- “Cold Chilla” as they called it, looming like monsters over the mountains. Bigger than life, Godzilla vs. King Kong action.

Snoop Dogg as Godzilla blowing fire, reptilian cool in red, yellow, green Rasta wear- huge four finger ring. Smoked at least 11 brown blunts during the show. Didn’t miss a beat. Dr. Dre as Kong: musclebound, swinging his stiff C3P0 arms around. Seeming a bit rusty and reticent, Danny Glover style but everyone came to pay homage to the originator/genius and he eventually warmed up and got into it.

First part of the set went through Dre & Snoop hits old and new: The Next Episode, Gin and Juice,Kush, G Thang and their first collaboration Deep Cover. A random cover of House of Pain’s Jump Around and then it was cameo time.

A lot of dead guys came to visit the stage Sunday night. There were ghosts of Death Row Records past that would make Suge Knight tremble. The giant screen projected Ken Burns-style black and white photo treatments of the recently departed Nate Dogg – only R&B singer to effectively use the word “swell” – while Snoop was joined by G Funk vets Kurrupt and Warren G on the raunchy Ain’t No Fun (If The Homies Can’t Have None). A surreal clip of an old Sinatra performance set up California Love and then Tupac showed up.

In an incredible technological feat/ CG seance, a life sized hologram of Pac appeared on the stage to perform Hail Mary. It was as cool as it was creepy, Avatar Pac looking like he’s been pumping iron in heaven. Snoop then joined Ghost Pac in Gangsta Party before Makaveli exploded into shards of white light. Weird.

The guests kept coming. A winded 50 Cent did What Up Gansta,In Da Club, and the steel drum anthem P.I.M.P with Snoop. Marshall Mathers dropped in for his Emo-nem therapy rap I Need A Doctor followed by The Chronic 2001’s Forgot About Dre, and ending with Till I Collapse surrounded by Detroit like factory animations.

Dre and Snoop finished hard with the one two punch of anthems What’s My Name? and Still Dre, leaving the crowd waiting for an encore that never came.

Photos by: [Chris Swainston](, [Tyler Nevitt](, and Mike Bogart

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