Marshall Presents The Writer's Room: BP Fallon

The Writer’s Room is somewhat of an institution in Los Angeles. The bar has been a staple since the 1950s, when prestigious names like F Scott Fitzgerald frequented the place, helping to give rise to its name and reputation. Nowadays, the little (and by little, I’m talking intimate) bar features a cozy Moroccan ambiance with upscale drinks assembled by knowledgeable and friendly mixologists.

This week, the bar is home to a few exclusive parties brought to you by Milk Music and Marshall Headphones, who teamed up to bring some of our New York Jam Sessions out to L.A. starting last night. The line was out the backdoor as the infamous BP Fallon spun records to the delight of everyone who could get in. Our whole crew was there, snapping photos, doing interviews and enjoying the friendly atmosphere. There’s no question we’ll be there for round two.

(Oh, and by the way, if you’re coming by the Writer’s Room, here’s a secret worth knowing —right around the corner is the best little taqueria in all of L.A. Make sure to hit it up before/after the party. We’ll see you there…)

Photos by: Mike Bogart

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