Q&A with Tumblr Star Stephanie Toms

Name: Stephanie Toms (cocochic.tumblr.com)
Age/ Astrological Sign: 18 & Capricorn
Actual Hometown/ Dream Residence: St Austell Cornwall (Most unfashionable place ever) I’d love to live in either London, Paris or NY.
If your Tumblr account would be a TV series, pitch us a concept in one sentence: Kinda like Ugly Betty circa 2007 – I’ve got the braces, now all I need is the poncho and a gay nephew.
Fashion icon I’d be nervous to say hi to: Anna Wintour – She’s so influential in every area of fashion, and I’d sure as hell want to make a good impression.
Most sacred fashion experience so far: Without a doubt this opportunity for Fashion Week, but otherwise I was very proud when voted as one of StyleCasters top 5 Tumblogs!
My model look-alike is: I’m not sure I look like any model, but I’ve been told I look a bit like Cheryl Cole and Penelope Cruz!
Time I wake up in the morning: I actually think I’ve forgotten what sleep is thanks to College work.
My biggest allergy: There’s nothing that brings me out in a rash, but the thought of raisins, floral print and croc shoes make me just as woozy.
What I currently sing in the shower: It’s so cliche, but right now it’s New York by Alicia Keys!
My trashiest guilty pleasure: Shopping channels. I don’t buy anything, I just listen to their voices and get ridiculously excited about the craft shows. And I fancy Marylin Manson.
Language I’d like to learn the most: French, but I find it impossible to roll my r’s.
How I like my Milk: Mixed with two sugars and a cup of joe.

Photo courtesy of William Mebane

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