The Standard Presents: The Limousines and Yacht

Wednesday night’s show at the Standard was anything but, with performances by The Limousines and Yacht – two things I’m rarely, if ever, invited to ride into. I remember wondering if booking both bands on the same night was a conscious decision, yachts being the limousines of the sea and all, but I came to the conclusion that I was probably the only one looking that far into it.

The Limousines are a straight to the heart pop rock band from San Francisco. Their music is cut from the same cloth as a lot of the bands in their genre and at a mid-tempo beat, with lyrics that are clearly personally emotional for the lead singer. The band consists of nothing more than a drummer, a stand-alone singer and a keyboardist responsible for making all the music. As far as I could tell, that keyboardist had a pretty intense job on his hands, building the small band into a large sound, but somehow he made it all work.

Between bands, I walked around the rooftop of The Standard and soaked in the vibe. The aesthetics of the space are incredibly well done, with interesting lighting and a beautiful pool, but for me it was all about the view. The downtown Los Angeles library was a block away, surrounded by towering skyscrapers still lit late at night for effect. It felt like I was in a postmodern redwood forest.

Suddenly, the glowing synthetic vibrations of Yacht’s melodies floated (for lack of a better term) into my ears and my attention was drawn back to the stage. From the beginning, I could recognize the band’s inspiration from the 80s dance scene. Claire Evans and Jona Bechtolt front the band interchangeably, switching off from song to song, making their live performance both dynamic and engaging to a very receptive crowd. And the band played on. The night lingered on with the backdrop of lights hanging inside tall buildings imitating stars hanging all around us and even the security guards could be seen shifting weight from side to stoic side, as they might if we were sailing the seven seas on the real yacht I will probably never go on.

Photos by: Tyler Nevitt

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