Marshall Presents The Writer's Room: Crystal Antlers and Icona Pop

Nur Khan, Milk Made loves your style. The final evening of Milk’s Music Sessions at The Writer’s Room unfolded casually, with a steady stream of people trickling in throughout the evening, staking out booths and sipping on a variety of well-made drinks to warm up before Crystal Antlers took the stage. Jarvis Cocker of Pulp acted as DJ, and he played remixed versions of classics from The Doors and The Beatles, as well as tossing in more recent hits from the likes of the Drive soundtrack. As the bar slowly began to get more and more crowded, Milk Made’s Chris Swainston and I were invited into the “green room,” AKA the nearly empty Supper Club next door. As we walked into the gigantic room (which was completely white, not green), I couldn’t stop thinking about how I felt like one of the children from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory who was being guided into the Wonkavision room where Mike Teavee gets shrunk down to a bite-sized portion of his former self. It was here that we downed a few drinks and lounged on puffy white couches with both Crystal Antlers and Icona Pop while the latter spun tunes strictly for the enjoyment of the eight of us present in the cosmic chamber.

Around midnight, Crystal Antlers went on, and the crowd gathered close to groove. It was Icona Pop, however, who really shined this evening. After mingling with nearly everyone in the bar and getting them all whispering about “those cute Swedish girls,” they awed the vicinity with their rhythmic beats and spot-on vocals. Being in such an intimate setting with an act like this is a real treat, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see every expression and movement in addition the way they interacted with their supporters.

–Erin Kelleher

Photos by: Chris Swainston

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