The Last Magazine Dinner

Here are a few side-effects of The Great Two Weekend Coachella of 2012: everyone at AEG gets a giant bag of money in a gold basket encrusted with rare jewels, band dudes with dirty stringy hair and really tight jeans roam free through the streets of Los Angeles for a week swilling PBR and looking bored, and of course, the best part: the parties.

Last night Milk Studios and The Last Magazine hosted an intimate (i.e making love to your soul mate) dinner followed by a less intimate (i.e very special booty call) cocktail party at their space in Hollywood, and it was certainly touched by the after-effects of Coachella. Thankfully there was a marked lack of "festival fashion" (no one should wear a feather headdress off of a reservation); however the style overtones in the crowd were still distinctly rocker-ish (think gowns with motorcycle jackets and plenty of aggressive jewelry). And much like Coachella, music and fashion intermingled, with the likes of Eddie Borgo and Becca Diamond drinking champagne with Uffie, Kenna, and Mary Charteris (Okay, she’s not a musician, but her fiancée is! Shout out to The Big Pink). And those attendees who were fresh from the polo fields certainly cleaned up nice: model Lily Donaldson ditched her short shorts and t-shirt for a sleek black ensemble (complete with non-field friendly stilettos) and Charteris swapped her flowy gowns for a smart vintage short suit. But not everybody rocked out with holograms in the desert last weekend: When I brought up the C-word, Derek Blasberg shook his head and said “I went three years ago. That’s enough for now.” Watching the rest of the crowd dance to a live performance by Swedish dance rock duo Icona Pop while sipping cold champagne in a perfectly temperate room, his sentiment rang even more true.

Photos by: Mike Bogart and Sara Nataf

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