Electric Milk: Night 1

Electric Room and Milk teamed up to create Electric Milk, a collaborative work that brings a dose of New York nightlife out to the California desert. They turned a typical wedding ballroom into the ritziest nightclub for miles, giving any party animal wishing to escape the festival an attractive point of destination. Girls on roller skates glided across the dance floor, helping to give the exclusive party a texture that kept everybody gyrating.

When we needed a break from all the dancing, we’d walk onto the patio and play ping pong on the Puma tables, slamming balls into the shrubs and dropping tricky serves on unsuspecting opponents. It was a completely international table—the U.N. wishes they had our level of competitive comradery. We played games against the friends we’d made by the pool earlier in the day, laughing and reintroducing ourselves to each other over and over again.

Nobody seemed to mind that I dominated the table.

Everyone had a good time all around. Saturday night will be the last chance to get to Electric Milk in Palm Springs, so if you’re in the area, put it in your palm pilot, you’re gonna want to be there.

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