Coachella: Swedish House Mafia

Now that we are seasoned professionals of the Coachella experience, Day 1 of weekend 2 of the festival went a lot smoother than last weekend. This weekend is all about seeing the bands we missed while we were standing in line for beer or making out with someone we just met back at their tent.

The ultimate mistake of last weekend was missing out on the extreme laser light show that is Swedish House Mafia. Their retina burning display covered the night sky with a ceiling of lasers that hung strong inside clouds of fog thicker than the smoke billowing out of
Snoop Dogg‘s green room. During their performance the entire crowd seemed to move in unison and if you were in the middle of the ocean of festival goers covered in glow sticks, it felt as though the whole world was on your side as everyone around you belted out, fists in the air "Who’s going to save the world tonight?"

The answer to that question was obvious… Swedish House Mafia was our savior.

Photos by: Tyler Nevitt

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