Coachella: Wu Lyf

WU LYF are for the children. They’re not a new branch of Shaolin rappers but a prickly growl pop band from Manchester England whose debut album “Go Tell Fire On the Mountain” was one of the most original of the year. A powerful four piece led by singer/ organist Ellery Roberts they seemed to equally enchant and puzzle the Coachella crowd. Over locked in cyclical African rhythms and high chiming guitar, Roberts sings in an amelodic gravel gargling, Cookie Monster bark. He’s like Tom Waits with cheekbones, a pretty boy Beefheart lost in song, spazzing hand gestures somewhere between Eminem and primitive sign language. Strong stuff – an intense and tension filled set where the band gave off the feeling like they were looking down their noses at the drunk American men in Bob Marley shirts and hopped up high school girls in headdresses. Amen.

Photos by: Tyler Nevitt

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