Coachella: Frank Ocean

8:10 and the Gobi tent was mobbed for what seemed like the most anticipated show of the night – Frank Ocean. Kids were frothing at the mouth with rabid chants of “We want Frank!” Amazing considering the Odd Future singer hasn’t even released a record yet (he did steal ‘Watch The Throne’).

Ocean has a crackerjack back up group- well groomed boy band looking guys wearing futuristic welding masks. He walks out nonchalantly with his signature headband and asks “what’s up?” taking in the enormity of the crowd. The set begins with a hootenanny, almost rockabilly type jam – with Frank sermonizing about the blues of youth being wasted on the young to a pulpit of wasted youth. Strange beginnings but then he melts the mountains with his insane falsetto and the crowd is silenced.

From there into Friday’s highlight Strawberry Swing which sent the shivers, flipping the Coldplay original into something soulful, aching and transcendent. Tyler the Creator made a surprise visit and performed Analog 2 with the great hook we can “Meet me at the lake, at the park, in the room” concluding his appearance with ironic high fives and chest bumps.

Just when the set started to lag due to technical problems and the wasted blonde next to me started slurring “I want to hear some fucking techno!” the band kicked into the galloping swagger of Novacane and the crowd lost its shit. Triumphant.

Photos by: Tyler Nevitt

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