Coachella Day 2 - Weekend 2

Day two, weekend two of the giant beast Coachella. We see more and more festival goers passed out in swimsuits on the grass, using each others bodies as pillows as we all bake like ants under a magnifying glass in the middle of the fucking desert. Still, no matter how hard the big angry orb in the sky tries to send us back to our air conditioned cubicles, our spirits remain high and our dance moves remain fluid as we groove our way into the cover of night.

Flying Lotus pushed the crowds into his own special kind of trance, and outside of the out of body experience that came with seeing Radiohead or the explosion of excitement that erupted inside of my body when I saw Zack De La Rocha turn up unannounced on stage with DJ Shadow, Flying Lotus was by far the best thing I saw at Coachella.

The good vibes continued with a full stage of characters during Feist‘s performance for an elated, screaming batch of "sing-a-longers". The nights pinnacle again was seeing Radiohead for the second time in a week. Everything in it’s right place.

Photos By: Tyler Nevitt

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