Coachella: Survival Guide

Finally having recovered from Coachella, Milk Made photographer Jessie Adler wanted to share a few tips on surviving Coachella.

1-3: Protection from the elements- Hats and shades to protect your face and eyes from the sun and bandanas to prevent breathing in the dust of the desert.

4-5: Pouch, fanny pack, bum bag, whatever- To allow for hands free partying while carrying around the necessities.

6-8: Dressing in layers- Desert weather means blazing heat during the day and surprisingly cold nights, so be ready with bikini tops, leather jackets and everything in between.

9-10: Favorite Gear- Aforementioned layers are even more successful when they consist of the comfortable, functional, and stylish gear.

11-12: Drugs- duh

13-14: Escape plan- you will lose your friends in the chaos of the festival. It’s ok- you’ll make new ones! But it will be nice to reconnect at some point to get to the same after party. So whether this means meeting at the Ferris wheel or following the big yellow balloon attached to the team leader to the parking lots, figure it out before stepping in to the no cell signal zone that is Coachella.

Photos by: Jessie Adler

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