Opening Night: "Animals" & "Grids" by Ryan McGinley

When the cops show up to a gallery opening, you know it’s a really good gallery opening. So went Ryan McGinley‘s simultaneous openings for his two exhibits entitled Animals and Grids at both Team Gallery locations in New York last Wednesday.

Noise complaints by local scrooges formally put a stop to a rooftop performance by Bradford Cox of the Atlas Sound, dispersing the gathering of new york skaters, socialites and artsy burnouts that had collected on the street in front of the gallery. This didn’t stop Bradford and a group of thirty or so loyal Mcginley fans from piling into the gallery and locking the door so the performance could continue inside.

The regular group of interesting misfits were all in attendance, along with some of Milk’s good friends like photographer Aaron Stern and artist Marilyn Minter. A brightly masked, camera shy Bjork was also in attendance walking in front of a trail of whispering hipsters. The spectacle that came along with Mcginley’s openings seemed to take precedence over viewing the pictures. This became apparent as the crowd of cigarette smoking, fix-gear-bike riding cool kids stay close to the exits and talked amongst themselves about what they were going to do later that night. We are sure to see the true admirers of McGinleys work pacing through a quieter version of the gallery in the weeks to come.

The exhibits will be on display at both Team Gallery locations until May the 2nd.

Photos By: Eduardo Enrique Silva & Tyler Nevitt

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