Q&A with Tumblr Star Jeannine Tan

Name: Jeannine Tan (papertissue.tumblr.com)
Age/ Astrological Sign: 17 / Capricorn
Actual Hometown/ Dream Residence: Melbourne, Australia / NYC!!
If your Tumblr account would be a TV series, pitch us a concept in one sentence: Where simple beauty from all around the world is shown…
Fashion icon I’d be nervous to say hi to: Alexa Chung.
Most sacred fashion experience so far: New York Fashion Week, hands down.
My model look-alike is: I have no idea. Hyoni? I wish.
Time I wake up in the morning: 8:30am for school.
My biggest allergy: Seafood.
What I currently sing in the shower: Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine.
My trashiest guilty pleasure: Eating copious amounts of chocolate.
Language I’d like to learn the most: French.
How I like my Milk: Cold with milo powder on top. Yum.

Photo courtesy of William Mebane

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