Billionaire Boys Club

Pharrell Williams doesn’t hide his secret to finding a few extra hours in the day. It’s how he managed to design the fall collection of his Billionaire Boys Club clothing line and Bee Line outerwear with Mark McNairy, while still finding time to launch a new social media venture called i am OTHER and produce tracks with Usher and Mac Miller.

"No social life," he explains. "I’m cool with that though. I don’t need one. I have my family and friends, and the new friends that I meet here and there."

His sacrifice certainly seems to be working. All the fashion types gathered on the second floor of the Soho BBC store have nothing but praise for the fall preview. The collection of solid color sweaters draws appreciative murmurs as does a two-tone brown corduroy jacket, but the MVP piece is a dark blue varsity-style jacket with gold sleeves that everybody can’t stop touching and wearing. 

Pharrell wears a different Bee Line jacket with several of the Napoleon-inspired insects that give the line its name. It could easily go to a guy’s head, holding court with the press while wearing your own clothing line and sipping your own liqueur (it’s called Qream). But Pharrell says his design philosophy isn’t so much a statement about his own image –– he admits he still thinks of himself as a “fashion novice” –– but rather to provide a means for people to express themselves.

“I just hope that there are individuals that say, ‘You know what, the pants are perfect for me,’” he says. “Or, ‘I’m going to get this but I’m going to rip off one arm, or I’m going to get this and write on the back.’ It’s all about individuality.”

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