Photo Storytelling: HAZE

Isa Brito‘s photos are captivating pieces of art as well as pieces of New York City history. Each a glimpse into the city and culture that no longer exists. The NYC you only hear stories about.
Over the next few days we have asked Isa to tell us in her own words about some of her personal stories behind each photo.

"The Tunnel was never my favorite club to photograph. In my experiences there, the crowd tended to be more college frat types. At the time I preferred to photograph at the gay clubs. This night was completely different than my past experiences at The Tunnel. This night, there was a magical haze in the air. Everywhere I turned my camera, there were these beautiful, fleeting images which were very graceful, sometimes energetic, or just infused with playful naughtiness. I think this particlar image has these three particular elements." -Isa Brito

Opening reception at Milk Gallery New York on June 26, RSVP here.

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