Photo Storytelling: TRUE LOVE

Here is the second installment of our Photo Storytelling series with Isa Brito. Isa recalls the story behind each individual photo, giving us a taste of what she experienced with each shot. Her full show Passengers opens tomorrow night June 26 at Milk Gallery New York RSVP here.

"This is one of those moments that I felt truly connected to my subjects, even though I could not empathize with them. I saw this couple hovering over the phone booth and asked if I could take a picture of them, expecting a big no and fuck off answer, which was often the case when photographing in the street in New York. To my delight, the boyfriend kept his focus on the phone call he was making, and the girlfriend began to pose for me. The poster on the phone booth was part of the "Act Up" coalition to end the AIDS crisis in New York. These posters were plastered all over the East Village and Downtown Manhattan." -Isa Brita

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