Midsommar Fest

New York is having a Swedish moment. To the point that we’ve adopted the ever so popular Scandinavian festival, Midsommar, and turned it into our own excuse to party. Long time friends over at the Soho Grand Yard transformed the place into a garden-of-eden decadent enough for one of Shakespeare’s spirits to attend… But, instead, it was filled with beautiful people in nymph like attire and flower filled wreaths.

Magnus Berger and Zara Zachrisson of The Last Magazine along with Milk Made, Lars Andersson, Sara Blomqvist, Dorothea Barth Jorgensn and Ruvan Wijesooriya came out to host the affair while, Lydia Kellam, May Kwok , Steven Rojas and Travis Bass spinned at the DJ booth.

If only we could have a repeat next weekend… Unfortunately the summer solstice only comes once a year, but fortunately NYC has caught on. Until next year, happy belated Midsommar.

Photos by: Jess Conatser

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