Rookies of the Year | Behind the Scenes with Cushnie et Ochs

Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs are no newbies by any stretch of the imagination, but they’re certainly the most significant new addition to the Milk calendar. Tonight’s show will be held at 7 PM and we were behind the scenes with the chic duo every step of the way.

The designers braved four hours of show preparation in high heels! When asked about the pain, they defensively replied, “we’ve been in Chucks and Uggs for the last couple of weeks, I think we can stand in heels for couple of hours.” In addition to their incredible tolerance for pain, the Cushnie et Ochs team know how to juggle. Committed multitasker Carly even balanced hemming her dress for tonight while prepping this morning for the show, while the duo’s stylist Keegan Singh was spotted enjoying the Calvin Klein men’s show between call times here at Milk.

Added to the mix are some sweet fixes–the designers admittedly have been indulging in ice cream lately. “It was Carly’s birthday last week and since she can’t eat chocolate or cake, we had to get creative,” said Ochs. “We ate everything from green tea to cocounut to rum raisin. We didn’t really restrict ourselves.”

Clearly there is a lot going on back there. Can’t wait to see how the girls pull off their freshmen Milk show at 7:00!

  • Valentine Uhovski

Photos courtesy of James Stone

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