Lollapalooza: Day 1

Milk Underground alumni photographer Andrew Boyle was sent to the front lines this past weekend to document one of the biggest and longest running festivals in the history of music. In his own words, Andrew paints a picture of Day 1 at Lollapalooza.

Lollapalooza Day 01

Lollapalooza heralded in it’s 20th year this past weekend and it was a scorcher. With conditions heading to sweltering, the sell out 60,000 plus crowd jammed Grant Park in the heart of Chicago’s central business district. Started in 1991 by Perry Pharrell, it was meant to be a farewell gig for Jane’s Addiction with headliners including Nine Inch Nails, Living Color, Ice-T & Body Count and Butthole Surfers**. Little did anyone know that what was meant as a farewell would evolve continuously into one of the largest music festivals in the world.

Amongst a sea of corporate sponsorship (everything from the eight performance stages to the coat check was branded) a first day lineup of almost fifty artists kicked off the weekend, with more than a few aging rockers and bikers occupying the front row of the main stage all day, braving bands they would probably snarl at under normal circumstances (see also: Passion Pit, Metric) to await the reunited Black Sabbath fronted by the reality television’s own Ozzy Osbourne.

On the side stages Die Antwoord tended to a more fashion conscious crowd in extremely fluorescent attire, M83 struggled slightly to project his quietly epic electronic synth pop to a giant field, while The Black Keys tore the house down playing on the second main stage to probably everyone that bought a ticket. However it was some of the smaller bands that did a fine job of holding their own to the more ‘name’ bands; Tame Impala, Afghan Wings, Black Angels and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs were all noticeably at home entertaining the sweating masses. It was off to a blistering start, but mother nature would have other plans for day 2….

Photos By: Andrew Boyle

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