KENNETH Cappello: Dream and Drive Photo Story 2

Here is the latest installment of our Photo Story series with Kenneth Cappello, where the photographer recalls the backstory behind his photo and provides us with a glimpse of life with The Kills. His full show Dream and Drive opens tonight, August 16th at Milk Gallery New York. Find out how to RSVP here.

Kenneth Cappello: "I think that’s in Florida… I think… backstage before a show. The Kills obviously have to get dressed to go out, so that’s Jamie getting dressed. I was like the fly on the wall everywhere. Besides taking a shit, I was always there taking photos. Their backstage is very, very, very mellow. You think most bands, backstage, always partying—they don’t. It’s not like a big party. After shows in bigger cities like New York, L.A., or Paris, some people will come back and drink some beers, you know, friends and family people, but before a show it’s just kind of them… and me if I’m with them. That’s when they use their time to do art or computer work. There’s no rituals, you know, maybe a kiss on the cheek before they go on stage, a cup of wine, but it’s not like a big party back there. They’re very mellow.

… And that shadow’s cool."

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