Milk Underground photographer Andrew Boyle gives us a straight forward overview of exactly how much the last day of Lollapalooza rocked.

Lollapalooza: Day 3

"Beware, the photo pits are still rather muddy" warned Lolla’s media contacts in a morning email to the press. The warning was heeded but it was part and parcel of the final day, which saw another fifty more bands take to the eight stages across Chicago’s immense Grant Park.

A band takes a sizable risk playing a festival, performing to a crowd way larger than usual and broad daylight, forgoing both the atmosphere and the intensity an intimate performance can deliver. The challenge was met earlier in the day from the accomplished swedish electronic quartet of Little Dragon who ripped into newer material before settling into arguably there finest album Machine Dreams. Walkmen took to the stage in suits defying another 90 plus degree day to deliver their sweetly melancholy brand of indie rock and fine Artist / Producer Toro Y Moi proved that the so-called Chillwave sound hasn’t slowed since being coined in 2010.

Sigor Ros had a risky mid afternoon spot flooring many newcomers with the size of their immense popularity, the massive south main stage crowd squealing in delight as the enigmatic Icelandic band appeared, showing almost respectful silence during their achingly beautiful songs before erupting in cheers. As the sun set, Miike Snow, comprising of a sizable on stage band, forewent the masks of pervious tours, rabid fans singing every word, while Manhattan raised frontman Andrew Wyatt‘s tall frame paced the lip of the stage.

But it was the reformed At The Drive-In from Austin, TX that this photographer came to see. I have been waiting eleven years since their final shows in Australia. Front man Cedric, known for his violent contortions and microphone theatrics scorched through material from the now classic Relationship Of Command and In/Casino/Out to many who seemed young enough to only know them through stories of their legendary shows. Florence And The Machine drew the numbers in the late evening, with Jack White closing the festival as Justice thrashed the night away on the north main stage to ensure 2012’s Lollapalloza went out dancing in a hail of lights and bass.

Thoroughly exhausted and with a bruised shoulder from lugging two heavy cameras around all weekend, I returned to Chicago’s Wicker Park a little battered. My ear buds were out and ready for an exercise in digging out the entire At The Drive In back catalogue… Just for old times sake.

Photos By: Andrew Boyle

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