Milk x Bullett Jam Session with MS MR

Last night, after a long day in the office, we made our way to the basement. But, not just any regular Grandma’s basement, instead the basement at Milk that’s full of hot n’ sweaty memories that reek of kick ass jam sessions past.

This time, the musically inclined duo, MS MR, that’s been making waves since their debut of “Hurricane”, took the stage, cutting the beats blasting from the turntables to a halt. The band kicked into gear and the two 90s-esque clad kids filled the room with easy, melodic tunes that had us swaying in no time.

Our friends at Bullett Magazine, Nicole Trufio, Virgil Abloh and a slew of others who had already forgotten that they had work the next day danced around with beers in hand.

Photos By: Masha Maltsava

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