Lovecat's "Return of the Bombshell" issue

Issue 5 of Lovecat Mag comes out today, with two blasts from the past adorning duo covers of the oversized publication. Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra, two bombshells that the men of our generation have drooled over for years now are the main attraction in issue 5. Milk Made caught up with Lovecat’s editors Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat to talk about their love for these two beautiful babes.

Milk Made:What is the definition of a "Bombshell"?

Lovecat: Bombshell is a beautiful woman who is confident inside and out. There are so many bombshells out there, alot of women just have yet to realize there inner sex kitten. For instance, Hillary Clinton is a bombshell as much as Kate Upton.

MM: Besides the fact that they are both totally fucking beautiful, what made Lovecat wanna throw down dual covers of issue 5? Could you just not make up your mind on who’s sexier?

LC: To be honest growing up as teenagers in America in the 2000’s there was only two women who gave us that funny feeling. Carmen and Pam together is the defintion of the return of the bombshell.

MM: The pictures of Pamela come from photographer Sante D’Orazio. How jealous do you think every dude is of Sante getting his ear nibbled on by a naked Pamela Anderson while they shot?

LC: UMMM super jealous! She is the ultimate sex kitten – just a stare in their direction would probs be enough for most men.

MM: Prince +Jacob, admit it, you totally have Carmen Electra’s album in your iPod?

LC: Oh yes – "Carmen Electra".
Go Go Dancer! HER ON THE POLE!!! The way she moves! She’s like a little panther.

MM: Many a man has day dreamed of just meeting Carmen – tell them all what it was like to meet her and then get to hang out with her on set? Is she as cool as we’ve heard she is?

LC: Carmen is so cool. She was the sweetest and hottest woman we had ever met, she was everything we dreamed her to be like. We ate Starbust and Skittles together on set and talked about the "Prince days". The way she moves for the camera is insane! And Carmen loves Coca-Cola, That was the only thing in her rider we needed to have for her. She’s just a cool girl from Ohio who happens to be every man’s wet dream. We are so happy we got her to be our cover girl for our 5th issue! Love you Carmen.

MM: It’s Halloween and you’re at a party with both of these Bombshells – One of them is dressed up like a sexy police officer and one is dressed up like a sexy nurse (You are obviously dressed up like a sexy astronaut) – which one is which?

LC: Pamela is def the cop – blonde with the tinted mirror glasses, lots of cleavege and ready to hand cuff us to the radiator and have her way with us. Carmen would obviously be the nurse in a tight white uniform with a lil blood on her tits and syringes full of vodka to get us wasted. That would be the Halloween night of our dreams!

MM: We’re sure the scenario has come up in a few peoples dreams.

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