Killian Martin: Altered Route

Skateboarding savant Kilian Martin takes the road less traveled in his own way. Kilian’s freestyle skateboarding may at times mimic legend Rodney Mullen as his legs float over and around the board like a dancing ballerina, but the young freestyle skateboarder builds on what his predecessor has shown us, helping to reinvent skateboarding for the next generation.

Altered Route is set in the abandoned Rock-A-Hoola water park at dusk. The short portrait was filmed for mb! magazine, the Mercedes Benz editorial and was directed, edited and filmed by Brett Novak, who has directed music videos featuring artists like Beyonce, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. Novak’s slow motion shots help spotlight the intricacies of Kilian Martin’s fancy footwork, right before the skateboarding wizard is popped back into high speed.

With Altered Route, Kilian Martin has set a new bar for freestyle skateboarders and Brett Novak has set a new bar for skate videos.

Music: Patrick Watson – “Adventures in Your Own Backyard”

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