The Milk Wrecking Crew : Post No Bills

§ 10-117. Defacement of property in the state of New York prohibited in certain instances.

No person shall write, paint, draw or adhere any inscription, figure, mark or label of any type on any public or private building or other structure or any other real or personal property owned, operated or maintained by a public benefit corporation, the city of New York or any agency or instrumentality thereof or by any person, firm, or corporation, or any personal property maintained
on a city street or other city-owned property pursuant to a franchise, concession or revocable consent granted by the city, unless the express permission of the owner or operator of the property has been obtained.

The Milk Wrecking Crew has taken it too far this time. They willingly and knowingly had way too good of a time defacing anything and everything in their path. It’s one thing to go viral promoting the upcoming Milk Gallery event for Dream and Drive – a showcase of 10 years of photographs by Kenneth Capello as he followed the legendary band The Kills around on tour – but it’s another thing to run around as masked bandits, shamelessly defacing taxi cabs and city property in order to spread their message.

It’s a dark day when something as wholesome and American as rock ‘n’ roll can be tainted by the acts of a few scandalous rebels lurking in the dark of night.

Shame on you Milk Wrecking Crew. Shame on you indeed.

Photos by: Andrew Kass

Not in NYC on the 16th for the opening reception of Dream & Drive? Tune into at 5PM EST to watch THE ARTIST TALK with The Kills x Kenneth Cappello and TWEET your questions @MilkStudios!

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