Bensoni's Gothic Wedding

While we may be accustomed to seeing wedding processions on the runway, Bensoni took the concept to whole new gothic levels with snake chiffon clad guests of honor, flower girls adorned in melting roses, and an unforgettable black lace bride. The Bensoni presentation at The Standard may not have been as blood-splattered as it sounds, but Sonia Yoon and Benjamin Clyburn certainly rose to daring heights.

"I was very anxious and stressed during the last six months and I
wanted to create a way to have an outlook on all of this," explained Yoon. "So we decided to design this crazy ceremony that I wouldn’t
ordinarily plan for myself. Sometimes getting married and having angst
takes you back to your youth. So we wanted to express that sense of
rebellion here." In response to this we wanted to know about the craziest wedding experience that the designers have had–"The Indian weddings that we went to were insane. They party like crazy!"

Before leaving, we sked Bensoni about the creatures closest to them, their precious siamese cats. "We bought them through a breeder in North Carolina," noted Clyburn. "They pretty much live in the
studio. Their names are Bentley and Bouvier." "B for Bensoni of
course," exclaimed Yoon.

  • Valentine Uhovski

Photos courtesy of James Stone and Chad Moore

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