Jamboree In The Hills: The Redneck Run

Photographer Timothy O’Malley came back with a treasure chest full of portraits of the all the folks that attended the Jamboree in the Hills. It may look like halloween in Hazard County, but these good ‘ol boys (and girls) brought out their costumes for another celebration, the Redneck Run.

"It starts at around five in the morning. The wives and the girlfriends save a space in front of the line while all their husbands and boyfriends gather together. At around six AM, all the men suddenly rush like crazy to secure a plot of land in front of the concert stage for the whole day and night. That was really cool. I took a bunch of video of people running across with a field with tarps and blankets. It was like a massive stampede, I’ve never seen anything like it before. These diehards—everyone’s probably super hung over, not feeling so hot, but they do it just to secure the best spot possible." – Timothy O’Malley

Now we know you’re all kickin’ rocks for not being there to experience this stampede first hand the way we are, but you can find comfort in knowing that Timothy was nice enough to bring us all back a short video of the Redneck Run.

Hope you enjoy it. Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

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