Weird Answers with Artist Wayne White

LM: What does abstraction mean to you?

"Everything becomes abstract if you dwell on it, like saying a word over and over till it's a sound. Abstract stuff demands a trance from the audience. I can do that, but most find it annoying or too demanding. I see both sides."

LM: What's your favorite medium?

LM: What part of your Southern upbringing sticks with you most today?

"I also have good manners."

LM:What does performing for people feel like?

"I go into a trance that picks up the audience's vibe like a radio station. It's very stimulating. It takes hours to come down."

LM: Is there anything you wish to scream from the mountaintops?

LM: Who's your favorite artist?

LM: What was the last mind- blowing thing you saw?

Wayne White, BIG LICK BOOM, mixed media installation.

LM: Tell me a secret.

Wayne White’s adherence to a roaming, insatiable creative impulse is perhaps the most notable component of his extensive output. His work has always been fantastical, from his work in the East Village Eye to Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and the Smashing Pumpkins‘s famed Tonight, Tonight music video. His work embraces a juvenile twang, discarding decorum in order to preserve a fun aesthetic experience. Visual conundrums are meant to deconstruct reality and often do so with a satirical bent. I spoke with Wayne in an attempt to see the world a bit more clearly through his own eyes via the interweb.

*(This interview contains clips from the documentary,"Beauty is Embarrassing." The film chronicles the life and times of Wayne White. Now playing in select theaters. Check your local listings for details or visit

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