Opening Night: Dream & Drive

Dream and Drive‘s opening reception exceeded any and all expectations. Everyone from A$AP Rocky to Howard Stern were present to congratulate and admire The Kills and Kenneth Cappello. The rest of the crowd was a mixture of beautiful models like Jessica Stam and skateboard toting riff raff like Nate Bozung and JZ Radical.

Even as the clipboard carrying door girls piled the guests inside by the dozens, there was a constant and undefeated line that extended down the block of people wanting to check out 10 years of documentation of the rock ‘n’ roll duet. Every drop of alcohol in the house was consumed before the night was even halfway over and the only thing keeping people drunk was the amazing DJ set by David Katz.

As it got harder and harder to get your hands on what was left of the White Pike whiskey, hoards of VIP’s staggered their way over to Electric Room for the after party. In the dimly lit bar buried in the basement of The Dream Hotel, BP Fallon DJ’d the night into the ground while everyone worked on worsening their impending hangovers.

Like we said, the night was a complete success, and we hope we don’t have to wait another 10 years for another opening reception this amazing.

Photos by: Jessie Adler and Dakota Brown

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