Dream and Drive Q & A with Kenneth Cappello and The Kills

The way Kenneth Cappello tells it, Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart of The Kills became his friends — and ultimately the subjects of his new photography book, Dream & Drive — because he wouldn’t leave them alone when they first met almost 10 years ago.

“It wasn’t like we were friends and we were like, ‘Let’s do a book,’” Cappello told a packed Milk Gallery last Thursday as part of Milk Studio’s Artist Talk series. “We had just met and I went on the tour bus with them. I was just a fly on the wall with them. A fly that talked a lot.”

They may not have started out as friends, or even look the part — the bearded Cappello lounged in baggy jeans and a faded black Mortician t-shirt while the indie rockers were dressed in the stylish boots and fitted jackets they wore in photo shoots earlier in the day — but the easy banter between them revealed just how comfortable they are with one another after almost a decade together on the road.

When asked to name his favorite photo of the collection, Hince struggled to recall how Cappello captured him curling his eyelashes alongside Mosshart in one of the book’s photos that is also on display in the gallery.

“I think Kenneth brings the woman out in me,” said Hince, though Cappello was quick to offer another explanation: “The funny thing about that eyelash photo is that there are about four of those in four different cities.”

Mosshart said that years of touring has worn down her recollections of specific shows and places so collaborating on “Dream & Drive” has helped her stake a claim to important memories.

“I think I have a real fear of forgetting everything because so much is going on,” said Mosshart. Hince agreed in his characteristic deadpan: “For me, I drink a lot so I can’t remember.”

Photos by: Dan Nguyen

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