Coast to Coast Wall to Wall

As the line at the door began to wrap around the building of Milk Los Angeles, it became clear that whispers of the traveling Wall to Wall: The Fusion Collective exhibition that had taken place a little over a week prior in New York had been heard on the other side of the country. Guests arrived in droves to catch a glimpse of what they had been told was "A revolutionary and fully immersive digital and physical gallery experience that features multi-media art pieces, short films and DJ sets by some of our generations most important and influential visionaries."

In New York, the event was held at the Eyebeam Art+Technology Center. The fog from Matthew Williams art installation met the laser beams and light panels from Item Idem‘s mobile DJ Booth at the perfect spot for everyone to drop their empty beer cans and start a dance circle. Rapper A$AP Rocky and Theophilus London threw down impromtu sessions on the microphone while celebrities like Adrian Grenier and snowboarding’s golden child Shaun White roamed around the event taking in each art piece individually.

In Los Angeles, the event was held inside the hangar of Milk Los Angeles, and although the venue might have been a bit bigger, the crowd was still packed like sardines in a tin box. The band UFO 2012 stepped in as the new faces that appeared as Brian DeGraw spread brush strokes of white house paint onto a mirrored box. The band played live, acting as the psychedelic soundtrack to Brian’s performance piece. Just like in New York, on-lookers stood silent and amazed as they watched Noot’s giant eyes appear for the first time, and began to whisper to each other as the rest of her face slowly became visible with every stroke. Shaun White made his second appearance at the LA event, most likely to catch just one more glimpse of WIFE‘s mind-bending dance piece. Musician Pete Wentz hung tightly to his model girlfriend Meagan Camper as they dived in head first to watch director Nathaniel Brown’s beautiful film installation.

It’s clear that where the New Yorker’s stopped, the Los Angeles crowd took over. As #Been #Trill took over the speakers, the crowd in Los Angeles went wild, turning the gallery exhibit into an all out dance party. Even though both events were held on a school night, both cities couldn’t get enough and kept the event alive well past it’s scheduled exit time. It’s becoming an unmistakable truth that Legs Media, who curated the project for Ford and Milk Studios, are in a realm of their own when it comes to building massive experiential events.


Photos By: Dakota Brown, Koury Angelo & Chris Swainston

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